All good bartenders know that clean, clear ice cubes in your glass gives you a nice-looking and great-tasting drink, whether you are in a bar or at home. Our ice cubes are as clean as can be, try them yourself and you’ll see the difference.

The ice you make at home in your freezer will taste and smell more and more with time. But since our ice is made under pressure, buying too much is no problem, since it’ll stay fresh and crystal clear for up to three years.

With our ice you are guaranteed to avoid any tainting from other food in your freezer or fridge. We freeze all our ice under pressure, so there’s no air. No air means no smell or taste.

Our ice cubes are made with clean, filtered and purified Norwegian water. This means they are crystal clear and don’t smell or taste of anything. It doesn’t get much purer than that!

You don’t want to be stingy with your ice cubes, but you also don’t want to run out before the party is over. Our 2 kg bag, the best seller, gives you enough ice for about 30 drinks, and if you are filling a bucket or having a big party, pick up a 9 kg bag, then you’ll have ice to party all night long.

We make anything you could ever need or want from ice: Ice Cubes, Crushed Ice, Ice Blocks, Ice Sheets, Ice Sculptures and more. Need something special? Get in touch, Mr Iceman loves a challenge!


The idea behind Mr.Iceman occured during a party with too few ice cubes and too many luke warm drinks. How often has the host forgotten to freeze the ice cubes before the party or made too few? Jack Stensland wanted to solve this problem. After several months of planning he started to put together a small manual ice factory in his parents garage. Production commenced on June 26th 1999 and the sale of ready-made ice had begun. (People where sceptical, how would you get John Doe to buy something you can make yourself?)

Many years and many ice cubes later it's the most natural thing to have a MR. ICEMAN bag in the freezer because everybody knows that it's TWICE AS NICE WITH ICE!

And Jack Stensland has become MR. ICEMAN